My go to foundation & concealer combo!

My go to foundation & concealer combo!

And the winner is…. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer and Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation!

So Tarte is a makeup brand that I think is really going to get big this year in the UK (fingers crossed), they are one of my favourite brands atm. Anyone who knows me will know I am a sucker for nice packaging. So when I found Tarte whose packaging is amazing and their products match and are just as amazing! I fell in love.

They are a mainly American company so unfortunately it is quite tricky to get hold of especially when you want to try things like foundation to see what matches your skin tone, not everyone does like me and just wings it and hopes for the best! Luckily for me I am going to America next month and I plan on stocking up on soooo much of their stuff.

My Skincare Routine!

My Skincare Routine!

I am obsessed with using a proper skincare routine! To anyone who says they don’t have time in the morning/can’t be bothered at night, this is what I used to say too but trust me it doesn’t take much you can get products that do more than one job and the benefits you will feel and see with your skin are so worth that extra 5 mins getting ready in the morning!



So here goes… my name is Chantelle, 23 years old and I’m from Yorkshire (if you didnt guess from the blog name :P). I have been living in London for the past year and a half/two years but very recently moved back up North cause The North is the best and I missed it!! Currently I am living in a little town in West Yorkshire called Bradford.

I studied at University of Sunderland and have an BA(Hons) in Photography. I currently work in a resturant as a waitress! Yeah it doesn’t get much more glamourous than that! :’).

This blog is mainly going to be focused on beauty and makeup, maybe I’ll throw some other stuff in here and there I mean why not. I’m not a makeup artist or anything like that (I wish) I’m just a bit of a makeup addict and I absolutely love spending hours creating new looks. So I thought why not create a blog where I can share my experiences/reviews/tips!

I would love to network and get to know some other bloggers! Love hearing other peoples tips and also any advice anyone can give me as this is all still very new to me. So yeah please do get in touch all of my social media buttons are along the bottom of the page :).

Chantelle x