Travel Beauty

This post is going to be all about travel beauty! Now if you didn’t already know (I’m sure everyone does now I’ve been talking about it so much) next week I go to America!!! I’m going to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Hawaii and I can’t wait! I am so excited. Then I come home for two weeks then I go away again this time Skiing! I am feeling super lucky and honestly I’m just so looking forward to this next month. So with all this going on I thought what better time to do a post on travel beauty as I was searching around trying to find some things to take.

Now I didn’t want to take all my usual stuff as they are all so massive and they would probs take up like half my suitcase. So I had a look around Boots in the travel section to see what kinds of things they had and then the little sets I got from Feel Unique, which I have to say is a great website for ordering makeup and skincare I have being using it quite a bit recently. My little beauty hack that I got from a friend is to buy little gift sets of new brands or new products meaning you can try lots of different products and test them to see which you prefer. This is especially helpful when it comes to high end brands because you can try a little mini and check you like it before spending a lot of money on something that may end up not being very good for your skin or not suiting your skin type.

So the first set that I got was from Origins and is called Superstar Minis . I bought this from Feel Unique but I have seen they no longer stock it but you can get it from Debenhams. Now Origins is a brand that I have heard so much good stuff about but I haven’t really got around to trying yet so I am really happy I found this little set. It contains 7 of their best sellers, it contains products to help with a whole range of different skin concerns including purifying, hydrating, smoothing and softening. Let’s start with the packaging so it comes in a box which is then in a little sleeve as you can see in the image below. The cardboard is a really thick good quality which I think really reflects the high standard of the products. It’s all about first impressions and the packaging for this really sets it apart, I found it soo cute!


Then onto the next little thing that surprised me, when you open the box all the products are in a nice little bag as you can see above. I really didn’t expect this (maybe I just blanked this bit when I was ordering it) but it’s such a nice little touch. Then onto the 7 little product that are included: High Potency Night A Mins- mineral enriched renewal cream, Checks And Balances- frothy face wash, Ginzing- energy boosting gel moisturizer, Modern Friction- nature’s gentle dermabrasion, Ginzing- refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff, Clear Improvement- active charcoal mask to clear pores and Make A Difference- rejuvenating hand treatment. Like I said before I haven’t really tried and of these before so I will give a review of how I found them when I come back! These are what I plan to take to America with me. A last little note with these are I really love the little tubes I think the design is really sophisticated with the little logo at the top, I also really like the names, I think it’s really cool when brands come up with names that are a little bit different and not just the same as everything else!

The next set that I got from Feel Unique is a Dermalogica set for oily skin. Now I have wanted to try this brand for like soooo long so when I saw this set I knew I was going to get it straight away. This one I am going to save and take with me skiing, although this is going to be so hard to resist as I am dying to try it out! This comes in a box as you can see below with a see through piece of plastic on the front so you can see the products inside. The look of the packaging and of the actual tubes themselves has a very clinical feel about them which is what I think the brand is going for. They want it to feel clinical so they feel like something that we can trust will work. The actual packaging is really nice and sturdy which gives off this really nice high end expensive feel too it.  Then on the back of the box it has a little introduction to the kit, some information about the different products and some information about face mapping.

The 5 products included are: Dermal Clay Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Skin Prep Scrub, Oil Control Lotion and Total Eye Care. Then it also has two little sachets of Precleanse and Charcoal Rescue Masque. Now one of the products that are included in this the clay cleanser I am so excited to use! I’ve heard so much about how good clay cleansers are for oily skin so I will let you know how I get on with it. The packaging of the actual products is really nice I like how simple it is and they are really good sizes I would think that they will be the perfect size for me to take away for a week.

So when I ordered these on Feel Unique you got to pick two little free samples. I went for the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair which has been around since the 80s believe it or not! It is designed to work on your skin through the night to repair it and keep it looking youthful. I also got Starskins Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam. Now I tried a Starskins lip mask that I got in my ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar and it made my lips feel so soft so I am excited to try this out and see what it’s like.

Next are some little bits and bobs that I have in my collection of things. The first is a little trio of things from Urban Veda. There is a body wash, body scrub and body lotion. Firstly as I know this isn’t such a big deal to me but to some it is, all the stuff by this brand is vegan friendly. There are four different styles that the brand does which are soothing, purifying, radiance and reviving which is the set that I have. I think that I am going to keep these for when I go skiing the fact there reviving might really come in handy, they might add a little bit of luxury that I’ll need. Anyone who has been skiing before will know that it is so much fun but it is super tiring.

Next I have something that again I got in my ASOS Advent Calendar (honestly I would advise anyone to get it next year it’s great for trying out new brands). It’s the Ren Skincare Clarimatte T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel. So this is meant to be great for oily skin especially oily T-zone which fits my skin type perfectly. So I am hopeful that it will be really good for my skin as I really want to love it. With it being anti-bacterial this should keep my face really nice and clean and stop any breakouts. I am going to take this with me to America as I am going for two weeks I feel like the little tube from Origins might not last the whole time.

Next we have a Micellar water, now I had to find one to take as I just couldn’t go away without one! Since starting using them I’ve been hooked. So I wanted to get a small one cause all the ones I have are really big bottles which aren’t really helpful for travelling. So while I was looking in Boots for some other stuff I found this travel size of the Sanctuary Spa one that I already use (Click here to see where I use it in my routine).

Another little thing I got that I found while in Boots was a little travel size Batiste dry shampoo. Which I just thought would be really handy to take with me, especially when I’m travelling to America as the long flights and things something like this will help to just make me feel more refreshed.

So these are the travel things I plan on taking comment below and let me know if there’s anything you think I’ve missed that I may need (I’m so scared I’m going to forget something important).