Review… Huda Beauty & Tarte Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Guys! So today’s post is another review of a couple of products I’ve been using load recently. These are two eyeshadow palettes that I bought whilst in America (check out all the beauty stuff I bought while I was away here) and I have used them so much since getting back. They are the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette and the Tarte Flirt palette.

As these are both mini palette’s they’re obviously quite small but I think this makes them perfect for taking away say on holiday with you. I love taking mini palettes because then you can take more different ones as they don’t take up as much room! I think more companies should do stuff like this. They are also great for trying out more high end brands products, but also I find that I never use all of eyeshadows up! I always end up getting bored of them or throwing them away before I’m finished so why not save some money and get a mini palette. It’s still going to last ages and then you can spend more money on other stuff! These palettes are the first ones that I’ve tried from both Huda Beauty and Tarte.



Let’s start with the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette! Firstly the cost for this palette is £25, now I know a lot of people will think that this is quite expensive as it is a mini palette but for Huda Beauty palettes it’s a good value! (given palettes like Desert Dusk cost £56). Also the eyeshadows are that pigmented that you only need to use a little product so the palette is going to last ages! First impression of this palette was that it was so cute. I love the packaging it’s so sleek and high end. It comes in like a little sleeve so the actual box doesn’t get dirty, as you can see in the picture below the front has little like swatches on it. I decided to go for the mini as I wanted to try and see if I liked the shadows before I would fork out £50/£60 on a palette, also because I got this while I was on holiday and there was so much I wanted to buy I had to think about suitcase space! To be honest I am super happy and impressed with them I really like the shadows I think they are such good quality!

Next onto the colours, now this palette like the mini ones come in 6 different varieties, I have to say the Gemstone Obsessions looks really nice. I would love to try that one but it wasn’t in Sephora when I got mine. In my opinion there is a good range of colours, the palette is called smokey so all the shades are perfect to create the perfect smokey eye (it’s perfect for both creating day and night looks). So you have one beige colour which is perfect as a base shade (transition) to sweep all over the lid. Then there are three shades the black in the top left and then the two browns in the bottom left that are perfect for the crease colour. Then you have 5 different glitters and shimmers that are great for using on the lid! I feel like you can create soooo many different looks with this palette. There is the perfect amount of matte, satin and foil-effect textures. Also for me that has a lot of ‘smokey eye’ palettes this one is so different from the rest! The glitter colours are unique I really like the rose gold kind of colour in the bottom right hand corner. All the colours are super wearable and I find myself using them all which is rare to find a palette where you like every single shade! (or at least for me it is).



The pigment is super amazing! I didn’t expect them to be so good! I picked a little up on my brush to do the crease and the colour pigment was so strong so do be careful, use a little and build it up gradually, on that note it blends so well and the shadow powder is so smooth and buttery. Like it is so easy to blend the colours out and to blend them into each other. Something that I like doing when applying these is to use a brush to apply the base and crease colour and then use my finger to push on the lid colour, I just find this works better with glitters like this as you can be more precise with where you place it.

The glitter does have a little fall out but nothing bad! I’ve read a couple of reviews where people say it’s bad but honestly it’s not bad at all! I’ve also read a couple of reviews that say that the pans of shadow started to crack and the eyeshadows breaking but I have been using them loads and I brought them back in my suitcase (we all know how rough they can be with them) and I’ve had no problems at all, perhaps there were just some faulty ones going around and not all of them as a whole being a problem?



Moving on next we have the Tarte Tartelette Flirt eyeshadow palette. This costs £22 so it’s slightly cheaper than the Huda Beauty one. Again I think this is such good value and I really like these mini palettes! My first impression when I saw this was how cool the packaging was, I spotted it in like the little aisle of minis near the till at Sephora (anyone who’s been will know what I mean). It’s so like colourful and playful and purples my fav colour so obvs this made me like the packaging even more! Then when you open up the palette you have the 6 pans of eyeshadow and they all have the names underneath them. Also the actual shadows have Tarte embossed on them which I think is a super cute little touch, it just shows like the effort that they go too to make the product look good. This style palette from Tarte comes in two different variations there is this one that is ‘Flirt’ which is really warm toned colours and then there is ‘Tease’ which is a little more cool toned. To be honest I loved them both and really wanted to get them both but I was on a budget so had to choose one or the other, I will definitely be thinking about getting the other one next time I do an order from Tarte.

Onto the shades you get, so there is a perfect mix of colours in my opinion you have a nice light colour that can be used as a base (transition) and a dark brown to use in the crease and then 4 different colours to use on the lid to create different looks. The only thing that I think is missing from this palette is a good highlight shade to be used on the brow bone. Although this isn’t a big problem as I always have loads of highlighters nearby that I can use but I just really like palette’s with one included my favourite being Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette. The shades are all quite warm toned which although it’s not what I would usually go for I am really liking these and really enjoying experimenting with the different looks that I can create. The colours are perfect for coming up to the summer like we are! I mean come on who doesn’t wear warm tones during the summer months, they just look so good! Especially for people with a nice golden tan, maybe this year I’ll be lucky enough to get one…  The shades are also pretty similar to the Tarte Toasted palette which I have wanted for ages!



The pigment of these is a-ma-zing! Honestly with both these palettes you can really tell they are high end the colour pay off is so good and you have to use such a little amount of the product! Even the more glittery shade ‘passion’ is super pigmented and I absolutely love the shade I find that a really dark, dramatic crease with this on the shade on the lid creates a perfect night time look. The shadows are super buttery and smooth and easy to blend together! There is a little fallout from the glitter shades but nothing too dramatic and nothing that would put me off purchasing more Tarte eyeshadows. I just find it super cute and think it would be perfect to take away on a summer holiday!

This palette is from the Amazonian Clay range which if you read my blogs you will already know I am in love with the foundation and now I am equally in love with this palette. The formula really helps to balance the lids to make the shadow last longer and look more vibrant.



So overall these two palettes are fast becoming my favourites! I love that there mini it means they take up so little space! Both of the shadows are really nice textures and are super pigmented and easy to blend. Also both palettes are super quick and easy to use and longwearing! I can wear these all day at work doing like a crazy 12 hour shift and they don’t crease and still look great at the end! Sometimes a little faded but they wear so well! I love using the Tarte Flirt palette when I quickly need to put a look together to go to work!