Review… E’lifexir Natural Beauty

So a couple of weeks back now I was lucky enough to receive a PR package from E’lifexir Natural Beauty which was great I absolutely love getting gifted stuff to try, I mean who wouldn’t!

I have been using these for the last couple of weeks as I wanted to get a proper impression of them before writing a review, obviously I wanted to make sure I gave you guys my good honest opinion!

Let’s start with a little background info on the brand. They see themselves as being the next generation of natural beauty care products. They are Ecocert certified Natural Cosmetics and are all Vegan friendly. For people with sensitive skin all their stuff is suitable for all skin types and are hypoallergenic so no need to worry! Also they have all been dermatologically tested.

There are 7 different products that target 7 different problem areas, they are made up of all natural organic plants and fruit extracts. So the different products are: Actidren Revitalising Leg Gel, Anti- Stretch Marks Repairing and Preventing Cream, Bodylift Anti- Cellulite and Lifting Cream, Fitness Body Contouring Gel, Flat Tummy Reducing and Firming Cream, Push- Up Breast Toning and Firming Cream and finally a Push- Up Buttocks Sculpting Gel.

The smells of all the products are really nice! They are made from Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Grape and Cranberry water (remember everything is still all natural). E’lifexir products are available to buy from most Holland and Barrett stores across the UK.

So let’s start with the Actidren Revitalising Leg Gel, first of this has Black Elder extract which isn’t something I’ve ever heard of before It helps to improve microcirculation and decongestion of skin tissue, also it prevents the accumulation of fluids in knees and ankles. Also it has Acticire which is a natural active texture agent I know it sounds all scientific but basically it helps to keep the legs feeling comfortable and moisturised all day.

My opinion of this is actually it was so much better than I thought it was going to be! Like I thought yeah even if it makes my skin feel smoother I’m not going to be able to see or feel a big difference but I was wrong. I felt it smoothing and moisturising my legs and also I saw a dramatic change in the cellulite I have on my inner thighs it looked so much better when using this. What was also really great was that it only took about a week of using it to really see a difference! It’s really lightweight and soaks in super easy which is great I hate them lotions that take forever to soak in so you kind of just have to chill there naked! It was also really nice and cooling that was particularly great this past couple of weeks while it’s been boiling out!

Next we have the Anti- Stretch Marks Repairing and Preventing Cream. This is to help reduce the signs of stretch marks and also to protect the skin and reduce the risk of more stretch marks appearing. So it has Centella Asiatica leaf extract which helps to improve the skins firmness and elasticity, this works with Scotch Thistle extract which helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by increasing moisture levels which work together to stimulate the regeneration process.

So with this one I don’t think I used it for long enough to be able to say if it really did reduce the appearance of stretch marks but it did feel great my skin felt so soft after using it! I will definitely be continuing to use it so I will keep you guys updated if I start to see some results.

On to the Bodylift Anti- Cellulite and Lifting Cream, this cream is to help you fight your orange peel and target early and more stubborn cellulite! It contains Sundews leaf which is a plant that helps to smooth the skin are reduce the appearance of cellulite which we all want right?! Then Dragon eye extract helps to protect the skin tissue and improve the skins texture. Then again like with the Leg Gel it contains Black Elder extract to help decongestion of skin tissues to help make the skin look smoother.

Again this lotion left my skin feeling so amazingly soft! After using this for a couple of weeks I could start to see an improvement in the cellulite on my thighs which is great, I will definitely be carrying on using it see what results I can get from it, I have read some reviews that say this doesn’t work when they have been using it for like a week, I think you really need to use it for a couple of weeks to start to see the results! It also left my skin feeling like really nice and toned which is a great plus.

Next we have the Fitness Body Contouring Gel which helps to maximise your exercise, helping to shape, tighten and sculpt the silhouette. The caffeine in the lotion helps to tighten the skin to create a more sculptured look, it also contains Dragon eye which is in a few different products and helps to protect the skin tissue and reduce fatty deposits. Again it also contains Black elder extract like many of the products I have already mentioned above.

Now this one I didn’t really get round to using that much to be honest, but I did have a look through some reviews and people were really positive about it saying how much they saw a difference and how toned they felt after using it for a short amount of time, so I am excited to get using it!

Moving on we have Flat Tummy Reducing and Firming Cream, it contains caffeine that helps to tighten the skin which helps to create a sculpted waistline, it also helps to define muscle so using this together with exercise will help to create a more defined look. It also contains Centella Asiatica extract that works too firm and tone the skin and helps to correct sagging.

Now I haven’t been using this for that long so I haven’t really seen much of a difference but I will say that it has left my skin feeling so nice and soft which is always good! It also sinks in really nice and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or anything.

Now onto probs my favourite two products the Push- Up Breast Toning and Firming Cream and finally a Push- Up Buttocks Sculpting Gel. These are the two out of them all that I could definitely see myself buying these again! Especially the push-up buttocks one I think this really really worked! And left my skin feeling so soft and smooth it was amazing!

So the push-up bra lotion contains Oleoresin extracted from the Indian Guggul tree, it helps to give volume to the skin which in turn helps to make your boobs look more perky. Both the push-up bra and push-up buttocks contain Scotch Thistle which reduces the appearance of stretch marks. The push-up buttocks contains Mate and Stevia leaf extract that work to redefine the look of the buttocks and smooth the skin.

So yeah these products are all sold at Holland and Barrett and retail at £15.99 for 150ml, which I have to say is a little expensive but if they work then deffo worth it! I would recommend trying out the push-up bra and buttocks ones! I just want to add that I received these items for testing purposes so a big thanks to E’lifexir Natural Beauty for letting me try thee out!