Review… NYX Strobe OF Genius Illuminating Palette

Today I’m back with a little review. So highlighters are probs one of my favourite makeup products ever, I find myself constantly looking for new ones, I just can’t help myself! So when I got this palette in my Cohorted Beauty Box I was so excited to try it out.

So I have had a little look, the price for this palette is £16 (which is really good value for what you get). Although it is currently on sale at £8 which I would 100% say get yourself over to NYX and grab it before it’s gone. That is like amazing for how much product you get! It is made up of 7 different pans. You get three bigger ones on the bottom and then 4 smaller ones on the top.

The packaging is pretty simplistic, I like that it has the clear plastic front meaning that you can see the product without having to open it. Just makes it easier and quicker when your choosing in the morning doesn’t it?

So the shades, the bottom three are my favourites. To me they are just the most wearable. I mean I have to admit I’m not one to stick to ‘my’ shade. You know like people say champagne shades suit paler skin whereas bronzer shades suit darker skin tones. I love to experiment and try out loads of different shades. So as I was saying (sorry got a little side tracked) the bottom three are my favourites. The bottom right one the champagne with a touch of shimmer is great for when you are trying to create a look that is a little more intense. Then on the left the light gold with a shimmer is better for something a little more natural, at least on my skin tone that’s how they are.

On the top row I find the orange and lilac ones are the hardest to use they’re just unusual shades I find for highlighters, I mean don’t get me wrong I have given them a try but I’m just not sure how I feel about them. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use them! What I have been trying which I think works really well actually, is using them as eyeshadows instead! They’re not the most pigmented for this but they work really well actually and create quite a nice subtle shimmer. The red on the top right hand corner doubles as a cheeky little shimmering blusher which I often use on top of like a matte bronzer.

I would definitely say that this palette would be great for working makeup artists that work on clients, as you have all the different shades that you would need all handily in the one compact palette.

Let’s talk about the powders themselves. So they have really good pigment, they are better when you wet where you are applying them first (just spritz your face with some setting spray) but equally they are actually really good without doing this. They are velvety smooth and buttery on the skin which makes them great to blend which makes creating that subtle natural look, like a glow from within easy! They powders are buildable so this is great to create different looks and different intensities. They lasted and stayed glowy all day long which I was super happy with!

I feel like I have been using these loads recently, like I find myself picking them up pretty much every day, but actually the pans look like they have been barely touched so I can see these lasting a very long time!

Overall I just love the brand! I love the variety of products that they do! NYX are one of my favourite high street makeup stores. I just didn’t expect such amazing quality from it! I was super super impressed! It feels so luxurious and I just love how they look on the skin. What are your guys feelings on NYX? What are your favourite products by them? I deffo feel like in the last year I have tried and loved so many more of their stuff! And keep your eyes peeled I have another exciting NYX post coming very soon…