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My Christmas Wishlist (The Beauty Edit)

My Christmas Wishlist (The Beauty Edit)

So this is a bit of a funny one as it’s all the things that I want for Christmas so I mean it’s not a huge help to any of you (unless I have a secret admirer that wants to get me a present…). But maybe it will help to give you guys some ideas of the sort of things there are out there. Like it says above this is my beauty edit so it is going to involve loads of makeup and skincare products that I am dying to get my hands on!

I mean I don’t suppose I will actually get any of this as my family are alwaysss telling me I have too much makeup and stuff (can never have too much in my opinion), but it’s worth a shot! Haha it’s more just the things that are on my list of like what I want to purchase. I give myself a budget every week (yes so grown up I know) so if I go a couple of weeks where I’ve spent under budget then that’s my time to treat myself to something! I mean it’s probably going to be after Xmas when I can do this again, spending all my money on gifts for others at the minute! Christmas is the time for giving and I love giving my family as much as I can, I love buying gifts for them!

Glam Glow Glowsetter Spray

I have wanted to try a new setting spray for ages and the one that I am currently using is just about to run out, so although I have put this on here I may end up buying it before we actually get to Christmas! I was in Space NK the other day and was so close to getting it. I mean I am going shopping again this weekend so I mean there are all the chances that I am going to end up getting it….

Nars The Orgasm Infatuation Palette

Nars are one of them brands where actually I haven’t used all that many of their products, but this time last year I bought one of the limited edition Man Ray highlighters and I loved it and ever since then I have been desperate to try out more Nars products. Now let me just say the packaging for this looks amazing! Like seriously who doesn’t like that! Super funky.

You get some cult Nars shades in this, the Laguna Bronzing Powder and Orgasm Blush. You also get the Orgasm Highlighter which I’ve never heard of before but apparently I have heard that it is really good! So I would love to give it a try.

Mac Prep + Prime Fit+ Spray Shimmer

Now so so so many of the Youtubers that I watch talk about this and how good it is so I just really want to try it to be honest. I love that there are a couple of different versions that you can get like there is a mattifying one, a shimmer and even scented ones like rose. Check out them all here on Mac’s website. I really want to try either the original one or the shimmer one.

I think it’s great that it’s a bit of a multi-tasking product as you can use it to prep the face all the way through to setting makeup. Kind of one of them sprays you can just keep using throughout putting your makeup on! I love just having one to hand that can be used for anything like wetting brushes and beauty blenders too!

Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12%

I have been meaning to buy this for absolutely agesss now! Jamie Genevieve (CHECK SPELLING) (one of my favourite Youtubbers) used to talk about it all the time and I just want to see if it’s as good as what I have heard. So it’s kind of like a primer or it can kind of be used as a serum under a primer.

It supposedly makes your skin look amazing under the camera lens which I am intrigued to see if it does. It helps to even out undesirable skin tones and imperfections. You can also apply it by mixing it in with your foundation.

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist

This is a product that I have only very recently heard about, Morphe is a brand that I haven’t ever actually tried any of their products, I don’t think at least anyway… I mean I know when you think Morphe you don’t think setting spray you probably think eyeshadow palettes and brushes.

When you first look at the bottle it’s a bit weird as it looks exactly like a hair spray bottle. But I think this idea of the continuous spray sounds great, just makes it a little easier doesn’t it? It also means that you get smooth, even coverage over the whole face.

Jordan Lipscombe Trooper Eyeshadow And Highlighter Palette

With this there are three different palettes, the only reason that I have put ‘Trooper’ on instead of the others is I don’t really have any palette’s with these kinds of shades in them. I really like that this palette has highlighters in it as I use highlighter shades on the brow bone, it’s just a look that I am really liking at the minute.

Jordan Lipscombe is another Youtubber that I enjoy watching (as you can see a lot of the products that I want to try are things that I have seen others use).

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

So this is another that I have wanted to try for like forever! I read that it is really good for oily skin and as I have pretty oily skin then why wouldn’t I want to try it out! For some reason the bottle kind of reminds me of the bottle for Urban Decay All Nighter, I just really hope it’s better, I’m just not so impressed with the Urban Decay foundation at the minute.

I would quite like to get the lock it foundation, primer and powder to try all three together to see how they work. This is a full coverage foundation which is what I always use. I am always on the lookout for new matte full coverage foundations and I really hope that I can try this one out soon.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

This is supposedly a super hydrating primer which I think would be perfect for this time of year when the weather is getting a little cooler and naturally your skins getting a little dryer. I have tried a little tester of the product that I got before when I purchased some things from Too Faced. I loved the coconut smell and the way it left my skin feeling. So basically I want to get the full product to use.

Benefit Hoola

Now this, this I have wanted to try for absolutely forever! I have tried a couple of Benefits other little like box powders. I have Rockateur blusher and Dandelion Twinkle highlighter, both of them I am so close to finishing, but I am hanging on to the last minute trying not to finish them! I loved them both so much. The blusher is a really nice like deep red colour which is the type of blusher that I tend to stick to. The highlighter is quite pinky I think it looks really nice when I’m trying to create a more natural, everyday look.

So basically I want to try loads of the other powders but I think Hoola is the one I want to try most as I have heard lots of good reviews and I could really do with a new bronzer. One of the things I like most about these is that they come with the little brush inside! It just makes them so perfect for travelling. I have tried Hoola on the back of my hand (you know what it’s like when you go in makeup shops and leave with makeup all over your hands) and it gives a really nice sun-kissed bronze and doesn’t look orangey at all.

So yeah these are all like the things I really really want to get! So if you want to surprise me with a little gift (come on why not) then these are the things that I would really like! There on my list of like when I can afford to get, maybe a couple after Christmas?

What’s on your guys wishlists? What products do you really want to try? I love hearing what other people want. Anyway I hope you’re all getting into the Christmas spirit as much as I am!